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Background information
Feature films My Favorite Martian
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Wayne Knight
Performance model
Inspiration Zoot from the My Favorite Martian TV series
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Zootenex 3,000
Other names Leisure suit from Hell, Wet blanket, Tin Foil suit, Tacky suit, Lecherous leotard, Empty suit, Beauteous bathrobe, Baby blanket, and Hysterical housecoat
Personality Funny, comical, sarcastic, kind, good, caring, and sometimes annoying
Appearance A polymorphous silver-gray Tin Foil talking space Zootenex 3,000 zoot suit
Occupation Uncle Martin's Talking Space Suit
Alignment Good
Goal To help Uncle Martin repair their Spaceship rental, later to help Tim and Lizzie from letting Martin get caught by SETI
Home Mars (formerly), Tim's home (Earth)
Allies Uncle Martin, Tim, Lizzie, and Neenurt
Enemies Dr. Coleye, Mr. Channing and his daughter; Brace, and SETI
Likes Downy, bathing and sleeping in the washing machine, size nb. 6 dresses, and Uncle Martin and his friends
Dislikes Being called a tacky suit, being insulted by Martin, Martin wearing other normal suits than him (formerly), SETI, SETI guards, and Martin getting caught
Powers and abilities Martial Arts and "immortality"
Fate Stays at Tim's home on Earth with Uncle Martin, Tim, and Lizzie in the washing machine while reading a Victoria's Secret magazine.
Quote "So nice, so good!"
"One giant leap for man, one step backwards for Martians."
"Downy the hatch."

Zoot is Uncle Martin's Talking Space Suit from the 1999 Disney movie, My Favorite Martian. He was voiced by Wayne Knight.

Role in the film



  • Although Wayne Knight provided his voice, he was uncredited and Zoot was credited as Himself.

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