Zit (also known as) Sebacious D. Wisehop is a Zit that used to be on Princess Candy's forehead.


Zit was remove by Oswidge of a magic spell that he does not use anymore. He was turned into a giant monster. He smashed to the walls of Udrogoth, grabs Candy and took her to his cave. He told Candy that he wanted to go to the Barbarian Ball with her. After that, Candy fell in love with him. They got interupted by Dave, Fang, Oswidge and Faffy who came to rescue her. Dave brought the zit cream called New and Improved Zit-B-Gon. Candy tried to save him when Dave blasted the cream towards him, but she was too late. Zit was shrinking and disappeared after be splattered with the zit cream.