Zil Çalınca, the first Turkish version of As The Bell Rings, is a Turkish television series.


  • Metehan (Turhan Cihan Şimşek): Handsome. Girls love Metehan. He can play guitar. He likes rock music.
  • Merve (Elif Ceren Balıkçı): Metehan's sister. She is energetic and talkative. She is friends with Acar.
  • Ada (Merve Hazer): Hardworking. She is President of the school.
  • Duygu (Miray Daner): The most beautiful girl. Daughter of a wealthy family, she wants to be an actress.
  • Korcan (Emir Çalıkkocaoğlu): Successful student. Korcan's mother and father are university teachers. He loves his mom and dad very much. He helps his friends with homework. He loves Duygu.
  • Aslı (Aylin Üskaya): Athletic. She loves soccer. She has short black hair.
  • Acar (Lorin Merhart): Genius. His friends call him "glasses" because he can not see without them.
  • Tanıl (Berkay Mercan) : Loves physics and chemistry.
  • Nisan (Yağmur Yılmaz) : Loves nature. Her favorite topics are the melting of glaciers, extinction of animals, organic food, the difference between vegetarians and vegans.
  • Sarp (Fırat Can Aydın) : Playful student who wears funny hats, colorful scarves, and strange-looking sports shoes. He likes Nisan.