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Zevon is a character who appears in the animated short series Descendants: Wicked World. He is the son of Yzma.[1]

Role In the Series

Zevon was first seen hiding in the shadows, having spotted Mal and Freddie upon their arrival at the Isle of the Lost. After Mal returned, it's revealed Zevon has been trailing Mal and spying on her and Evie while his shoes and coat were dripping wet. Since these events, he's been controlling Mal with her cursed birthright jewel, leading Mal to cause mayhem throughout Auradon. In "Chemical Reaction", Zevon stole chemicals from the science lab. In "Steal Away", he is given a staff by a possessed Mal and later he breaks into a store. In "Evil Among Us", he shows up at the Jewel-bilee trying to steal the VKs' jewels unseen only to be caught by Freddie, Carlos, Jay, and Jane. He reveals he escaped the Isle of the Lost while Mal and Freddie went to find Mal's jewel there and plans to fulfill his family destiny he thinks he must accomplish; taking over Auradon. CJ helped him get to Auradon on her boat. He shrinks Freddie, Carlos, Jay, and Jane and traps them in a lamp so that they cannot stop him nor warn the other heroes, but fails to grab the jewels unseen so he plans to crash the Jewel-Bilee.



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