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Zelda is a minor character in The Fox and the Hound 2. She's Dixie's cat entourage (assistant)/friend.

Role in the film

After Cash fires Dixie from The Singin' Strays despite quitting earlier due to an argument and replaces her with Copper, Zelda serves as someone who sympathizes with Dixie's pain and feelings, so she decides to help her regain her place by tricking Copper into eating peanut butter until Tod, now serving as Copper's entourage, foils it by throwing the peanut butter jar at Zelda and spraying milk from Widow Tweed's prize-winning cow, Abigail into Copper's mouth. When Copper rushes over to join the band without taking a moment to speak to Tod about seeing the fireworks together at night as agreed before, Zelda warns Tod that while Copper "is off and getting the glory, he'll stick Tod back here with the chores" but Tod refuses to believe her. After the jig is up, Dixie and Zelda are somewhat kicked out of the band by Cash for good this time.

Later at night, when Dixie is eating dog biscuits out of anger, Zelda stops her from continuing further. Then, both of them go out to get some more food and water from Tod. When Dixie notices Tod is sad due to Copper letting him down and somewhat starting to forget about him as he spends more time with Cash than with him, she and Zelda begin to sympathize with him as Dixie starts singing "Good Doggy, No Bone." Later, when Tod slips out the fact that Copper isn't really a stray and that he lied to the band about it for him, Dixie takes this opportunity to convince him to help her reclaim her rightful place in the spotlight while he reclaims his best friend; much to Zelda's joy.


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