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"Zeke Finds Out" is the ninetieth episode overall and the eleventh episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


When Alex gets bored of Zeke's failing magic tricks, she decides to use magic to make Zeke's tricks come true. Everything goes downhill when Zeke tells Harper he believes he is a wizard and is now booking a magic act at the sub station for a kid's birthday party. Since Justin and Harper are tired of Alex ruining things all the time, they decide to leave everything up to her. Harper, not wanting to let Zeke make a fool of himself, tells Alex to tell Zeke the truth about wizards, but she is reluctant to, as exposing wizardry to another mortal could get her kicked out of the wizard competition forever if anyone finds out. Zeke goes on with his belief that he is a "wizard", but he finds out Harper is keeping a secret from him so he breaks up with her. Alex realizes what a mess she created and on the day of Zeke's magic act, she makes Harper disappear before she can expose wizardry to Zeke, which freaks him out. The Russos really are in deep waters when Zeke is going to saw Max in half with a real saw for his next act, so Justin takes matters into his own hands and freezes everyone except for himself and Zeke. Justin tells Zeke that he is a wizard, not Zeke, and that he did everything. Still not believing him, he flashes Zeke into their lair and unveils the secret to him. They go back outside and tell Harper and Alex who are fighting, that Zeke now knows about the existence of wizards, but he promises he will never tell anyone. Zeke and Harper reconcile their relationship and Alex and Harper apologize and make up with each other.


  • Chancy meat, schmancy treat, fancy feet is now complete. – Causes feet and legs to run away.
  • Tick tock, time was stopped, bang the gong, time moves on. – Unfreezes time, if already frozen
  • This is no longer cute, put his voice on mute. – Mutes the person


  • María Canals Barrera as Theresa Russo and David DeLuise as Jerry Russo

Guest stars

  • Dan Benson as Zeke, Maurice G. Smith as Big Mack

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