Zbigniew Suszyński (born July 26, 1961 in Rypin, Poland) is a Polish film, television, theater, and voice actor. He has also provided voice-overs for commercials and television programs.


His most well known role as the lead actor was playing Krzysztof Buk in the film "The Last Bell" - Ostatni dzwonek. He has also played on screen as a supporting actor and made appearances as an extra. In the Polsat TV series Samo Życie (2002-2006), he played the role of a journalist and the Head of Sport at the fictional newspaper Samo Życie.  In the series, Criminal Bureau - Biuro kryminalne (2005) he was the Head of Homicide. He was also seen in other popular TV series: Extradition - Ekstradycja (1995), 13 posterunek 2 (2000) with main star - Cezary PazuraM jak miłość (2000), Fala zbrodni (2003), Kasia i Tomek (2003), Wild - Dziki (2004) Far from the stretcher -Daleko od noszy (2004) Pensjonat pod Różą (2004), Glina (2004), Pierwsza miłość (2005), Magda M. (2005-2006), and on Na dobre i na złe (2006).

He also voiced a only characters in Polish dubbing on Disney TV shows and movies (and in polish cartoons).

He is married to Małgorzata Suszyńska, a teacher. They have a daughter, Milena who is a graduate of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.

His best known dubbing role is Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry series (his role after several years took a different Polish voice actor, Jarosław Boberek).

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