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Your Mother and Mine
Originally performed by
Composer Frank Churchill
Winston Hibler
Performer(s) Kathryn Beaumont (Wendy Darling)
Feature films Peter Pan
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Albums Peter Pan (Official Soundtrack)
Preceded by What Made the Red Man Red?
Followed by The Elegant Captain Hook
Disney's "Peter Pan" - Your Mother and Mine01:57

Disney's "Peter Pan" - Your Mother and Mine

"Your Mother and Mine" is a song from the 1953 film Peter Pan. It was sung by Wendy Darling. It begins with her telling the Lost Boys about what a mother is like, just before Captain Hook and his men arrive.


Well a mother, a real mother, is the most wonderful person in the world;
She's the angel voice that bids you goodnight
Kisses your cheek, whispers, "Sleep tight."

Your mother and mine
Your mother and mine

The helping hand that guides you along
Whether you're right, whether you're wrong

Your mother and mine
Your mother and mine

What makes mothers all that they are?
Might as well ask, "What makes a star?"
Ask your heart to tell you her worth
Your heart will say ,"Heaven on earth."
Another word for divine,
Your mother and mine.

Other Versions

Performer(s) Title(s) Translations(s) Language
Alma Koleci ? ? Albanian
إيمان حسني (Eman Hosni) ? ? Arabic
Simone de Morais (1953 version)
Ju Cassou (1991 version)
? ? Brazilian Portuguese
? ? ? Cantonese
Martina Placrová ? ? Czech
Ilselil Larsen (1953 version)
Julie Lund (1998 version)
"Din mor" ? Danish
Laura Vlasblom "Jouw moeder alleen" ? Dutch
Ritva Lehtelä (1969 version)
Hanna Salakari (1992 version)
? ? Finnish
Mathé Altéry (1953 version)
Bénédicte Lécroart (1992 version)
"Ma chère maman" (1953 version)
"Le besoin d'aimer" (1992 version)
? French
Renate Kanthack "Deine Mutter" ? German
Άριελ Κωνσταντινίδη (Ariel Konstantinidi) ? ? Greek
אורית ירון (Orit Yaron) ? ? Hebrew
? ? ? Hindi
Judit Kocsis "Anya" ? Hungarian
Ragnheiður Edda Viðarsdóttir ? ? Icelandic
? ? ? Indonesian
Tina Centi (1953 version)
Gianna Spagnuolo (1986 version)
? ? Italian
土井美加 (Mika Doi) (1976 version)
鈴木佐江子 (Saeko Suzuki) (1984 version)
つたいめぐみ (Megumi Tsutai) (2007 version)
전수경 (Jeon Su-Gyeong) ? ? Korean
Teresita Escobar ? ? Latin American Spanish
? ? ? Malay
? ? ? Mandarin
Sarah MacDonald Berge ? ? Norwegian
Danuta Przesmycka ? ? Polish
Sandra de Castro ? ? Portuguese
Mediana Vlad "Cântecul mamei" ? Romanian
Елена Ушакова (Elena Ushakova) ? ? Russian
Fylgia Zadig (1953 version)
Myrra Malmberg (1992 version)
"Din mamma och min" ? Swedish
'จอย' ศิริลักษณ์ ผ่องโชค ('Joy' Sirilak Phongchok) (19?? version)
เนตรนภา หาญโรจนวุฒิ (Netnapa Hanrojanawut) (2003 version)
? ? Thai
Tülay Uyar Turkish
Peter 001

Original Sheet Music

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