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Young Harry Houdini is a made-for-television movie, originally broadcast as an episode of The Disney Sunday Movie on March 15, 1987.


This biographical movie depicts the youth of the magician Harry Houdini (1874 - 1926). As a boy his name was Eric Weiss and his father wanted him to become a locksmith. But he ran away and joined the traveling show of Dr. Grimaldi, where he learned the tricks of a magician and a little mystery from his Indian assistant, too.


  • Wil Wheaton ... Ehrich Weiss / Young Harry Houdini
  • Jeffrey DeMunn ... Adult Harry Houdini
  • Kerri Green ... Calpernia
  • Barry Corbin ... Elmore
  • Roy Dotrice ... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • J. Reuben Silverbird ... John Parker
  • Rossie Harris ... Theo (as Ross Harris)
  • José Ferrer ... Dr. Tybalt Grimaldi (as Jose Ferrer)
  • Phil Brock ... Wesley
  • Michael Alldredge ... Yardbull
  • Sean McClory ... Sean O'Casey (as Seán McClory)
  • Lee de Broux ... Marshall
  • Rita Zohar ... Mrs. Weiss
  • J.C. Quinn ... Slats
  • Mike Pniewski ... Large Miner (as Michael Pniewski)
  • Mark Lonow ... Assistant
  • Byrne Piven ... Rabbi Weiss
  • Tony Becker ... Albert
  • Val Bettin ... Dr. Allworth
  • Alan David Gelman ... Bobby
  • Oliver Muirhead ... Bobby
  • Billy McComb ... Merlin
  • Arlee Reed ... Policeman
  • Bob Stephens ... Bartender


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