You No Good Reynard was a song written for the proposed 1960 film Chanticleer. It was meant to be sung by Reynard's wife as a means of berating her husband for always being on the run from the law and never giving her and their kits the fine life he'd always promised.


Reynard's wife: Always clever and deceiving 

Always getting caught at thieving 

Always packing up and leaving

You no good Reynard!

You have spoken French baloney

Ever since our matrimony 

You are nothing but a phony 

You no good Reynard!

Ma Cherie, you used to say

"We'll have chickens and eggs each day!"

Eh! Winter cold and Summer swelter

We keep running helter skelter

Out of food and out of shelter

You no good Reynard!

Tu mes coute, Tu mes coute

You no good Reynard!