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"You're Welcome" is an upcoming song from the 2016 feature film, Moana. In the style of pattern rap, it will be sung by Maui, and focuses on his various accomplishments as the "hero of men" in South Pacific legend.[1]


What has two thumbs and pulled up the sky
When you were waddling yay high
This guy
When the nights got cold, who stole you fire from down below
You're looking at him, Yo
Oh, also I lassoed the sun
You're welcome
To stretch your days and bring you fun
Also, I harnessed the breeze
You're welcome
To fill your sails and shake your trees
So what can I say, except, you're welcome
For the islands I pulled from the sea
There's no need to pray, it's okay
You're welcome
I guess it's just my way of being me
You're welcome, you're welcome
And thank you!


  • Writer Lin-Manuel Miranda used Dwayne Johnson's career as a performer for WWE as reference for Maui's theatrics in the song.[1]
  • Miranda and vocal coach Sam Kriger were on hand to assist Johnson during recording for the song.[1]



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