You're Never Too Young To Learn! is a comic inspired by The Lion King.


You're Never Too Young To Learn! begins with Simba, the prince of the Pride Lands, telling Zazu that he doesn't need his help to learn how to become a Lion King, and claims he already knows everything because he's a "natural". Simba soon approaches a herd of animals, and the animals ask for Simba's help. Simba agrees to help, in which the animals tell the young cub that a herd of elephants are hogging all the water in the river for themselves, and won't let the other animals come to drink there. On top of that, the animals tell that because of the elephants trampling in the water, it will cause the river to get dirty, therefore become undrinkable. The animals ask for Simba to call for Mufasa's help, but Zazu tells Simba that this is his chance to prove himself as the future King. Simba decides to rise to the challenge, and confronts the elephants about the problem they're causing, but the elephants dismiss him by blowing him away with their trunks.

Simba refuses to give up, and tell an ostrich and rhinoceros to cover themselves in mud, and when they confront the elephants, they attempt to scare them away as being a "Mud Monster". The elephants don't fall for it, and proceed to blow away with their trunks. Simba tries again to drive away the elephants by asking all the animals to charge at the elephants, but the elephants overhear this, and drive the animals out themselves. After watching Simba try and fail, Zazu tells Simba that he will handle the situation, and he asks for the assistance of some nearby mice. The hornbill carries the mice over to the elephants, and when the elephants spot the mice, they flee in panic.

Zazu thanks the mice for their help, and when Simba asks Zazu how he scared away the elephants, the hornbill plainly states "it is not always the biggest and strongest animals that are powerful", and Simba agrees he can learn a lot from him.

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