Yellow Beak is a green parrot pirate with a peg-leg. He is dressed in a cloak, a pirate's hat, a red vest and wears a bandanna around his head (colors may vary).


In an adventure with Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey, and Louie, while menaced by Pete (then called Black Pete), they discover buried treasure. This tale was originally planned for a cartoon called "Morgan's Ghost" which was set to feature Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy and Pete, but was never produced. It was finally presented by Carl Barks in its familiar "duck form", in Dell's "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold". The same pirate tale with Yellow Beak, minus the Ducks, was recycled several times, as in "Four-Color" in "The Seven Dwarfs" tale, again in "Walt Disney's Peter Pan Treasure Chest", in the tale called "Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure", and yet again in an unauthorised non-Disney "Woody Woodpecker" comic, where Yellow Beak's appearance and name remained unchanged. The original version of the tale was recently reprinted in Gladstone's "Donald Duck".


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