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The Yacalli is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor.


The Yacalli is the protector of the buhitos and their homes, a job he's absolutely devoted to. As noted by Elena, he's also surprisingly polite. 

Role in the Series

The Yacalli made his debut in "Prince Too Charming". 

He first appears when Prince Alonso's men are digging in his territory. He politely tells them to leave but they refuse so he destroys the dig site. One goes off and brings Prince Alonso, who surprised since he thought the Yacalli was just a fairy tale, and Princess Elena of Avalor. The Yacalli once again tells them to leave. Elena is ready to leave but Alonso refuses telling the Yacalli no one tells him what to do and destroys a buhito's home. This makes the Yacalli declare that he will destroy Cordoba Castle. He gets there quickly with help from the Buhitos and attacks. Suddenly, Elena runs up to him and promises to rebuild the buhitos' homes. Once the Buhitos' homes are rebuilt, the Yacalli returns to his slumber.


  • The Yacalli is based off a Mayan legend of a wooden giant.

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