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"Xtreme Xmas" is the Christmas episode of the Disney Channel Original Series Lizzie McGuire, and the 20th episode of the show's second season. Originally aired on December 6, 2002, it was written by Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber and directed by Savage Steve Holland.


Lizzie's plans to put together a prize-winning "Rock 'n Roll Christmas" float for her school's holiday parade get sidetracked when her family encounters Nobby Frostybump, an old man who insists he is one of Santa's elves. When his retirement home becomes in need of some plumbing aid, the McGuires invite Nobby to stay with them. Soon, everyone -- including Lizzie's partner Gordo -- turns their efforts to helping Nobby and friends out of their plumbing snafu, taking time and attention away from Lizzie's project. It takes a snowy dream sequence comprised of a hodgepodge of unsubtle homages to past Christmas TV specials (from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to A Charlie Brown Christmas to How the Grinch Stole Christmas!) to open Lizzie's eyes and rearrange her priorities in accordance with contemporary Christmas morals of selflessness and goodwill.



The episode was made available on the Disney Channel Holiday compilation VHS and DVD, released on November 1, 2005.


Actor Character
Symbol cipher - W Lizzie McGuire
Lalaine Miranda Sanchez (credit only)
Symbol cipher - W David "Gordo" Gordon
Symbol cipher - W Matt McGuire
Symbol cipher - W Jo McGuire
Symbol cipher - W Sam McGuire
Ashlie Brillault Kate Sanders
Symbol cipher - W Larry Tudgeman
Symbol cipher - W Cousin Amy
Symbol cipher - W Nobby Frostybump
Symbol cipher - W Santa Claus

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