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Xander McCormick is one of the main characters in BUNK'D. He is Emma's boyfriend and camp counselor at Camp Kikiwaka.


Xander is handsome and well-known, but despite his exterior image, he does hide insecurities. He loves to write songs and poems, and he also sings and plays the guitar. Additionally, he is a counselor at the summer camp, and he and Emma seem to like each other. He is the head counselor of the Grizzly Cabin.

Xander is an outgoing teenage boy. He is very good at playing guitar. Most think he's the coolest guy in camp. He loves fishing and wishes to open his own guitar shop. Some people think he's the perfect man, but he has some problems. He hides jock itch powder, and wart remover behind a poster. He once got fungus on his foot. Then his toenail fell off and he uses it as a guitar pick.

He had an ex-girlfriend named Amanda as revealed in Gone Girl. After they broke up, Amanda went to acting camp.

It was revealed that Xander has a fake pinky toe in "Luke's Back".

Physical Appearance

Xander is thought to be handsome by most of the girl campers. He has slightly tanned skin, brown hair and light blue eyes. He usually wears a necklace around his neck, and also puts gel in his hair. He also likes to wear tee shirts and shorts.    


  • Emma Ross (Peyton List) - Xander's girlfriend throughout the show, They both care deeply about each other. In Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka Emma and Xander fell in love with each other, When Emma was going to find Xander in the woods she was lost and Xander and the others to go find her and rescue her they hugged each other when he found her. In Gone Girl Xander wrote a song for Emma that he wants to go on a date with her, While on their date Emma was curious what Xander was doing and thought he was going to kill her, However Xander explained the whole thing and Emma forgave him and they hugged. In Counselors Night Off Emma was suspicious that Xander liked Hazel, Emma stopped them before it was too late, But Xander said at he would never date Hazel, so they had a little argument, But when they realized how they loved each other they began dating and Xander wrote a so for her. In Dance In My Pants Emma is jealous that Xander and Lou have a thing for each other but she apologize and Xander and Lou said that hey are always friends, Xander asked Emma to the dance and they'd shared their first kiss.  
  • Ravi Ross - One of Xander's close friends throughout the show they both care about each other.  
  • Jorge -one of Xander's friends in the show.  
  • Zuri Ross - Xanders good friend in the show they are protective of each other.  
  • Tiffany - Xander's friend in the show.  
  • Lou - Xander's friend when they were 10 (Live From Camp Kikiwaka) They are really good friends.  
  • Hazel Heidi - Hazel has a massive crush on Xander but he doesn't feel the same way since he doesn't like her he chooses Emma over her.  


  • Xander is an outdoors man, who is into spelunking, hiking and rock climbing. He is also into fishing. These are the main reasons why he and Emma don't have anything in common, except she is okay with fishing and the main reason why they decide to stay friends. Emma was okay with it, but Xander wasn't. He was hurt and he is still in love with Emma, though she didn't know it at the time.
  • Xander is into music, song writing and writing poetry. That is one thing why Emma fell for him and his goodness.
  • He has a fake pinky toe and cried the first time he met Eric, a camper from Camp Champion. However, this was because he was ran over by a jet ski. 

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