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If something can't be done with X-S (excess), then it shouldn't be done at all.
―Chairman L.C. Clench
X-S Tech
"Seize The Future"
Headquarters Unidentified Alien Planet.
Key people L. C. Clench (chairman)

Spinlock, Dr. Femus, S.I.R.

Industry Technology
Products Electro-Robotics, Cryo-Cybernetics, Techno Surveillance, Planetary Restructuring, Genetic Engineering, Hyper-Spatial Transport, etc.

X-S Tech is a fictional alien corporation from the defunct Magic Kingdom attraction The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter.

Background Information

The Hostess in the introductory video states the company grew from a small manufacturing plant on an alien world into the number one provider of various technologies including teleportation. The company has been criticized for investing interest in Earth solely for profit and for putting "sales before science", but chairman Clench assures it's the company's "responsibility" to help less advanced cultutres improve their technology and that "profit is merely a byproduct".

In the attraction, which takes place at the fictional Tomorrowland Interplanetary Convention Center, X-S is demonstrating its latest endeavor in teleportation technology. Unfortunately, when the company's chairman, L. C. Clench, decides to have himself teleported into the test chamber, the teleportation signal is disrupted, and a malevolent alien creature is teleported into the chamber instead.

The alien then escapes into the audience, wreaking havoc. Afterwards, the technicians operating the demonstration manage to get the creature in the tube and teleport it back to where it came from.

There is also a reference to X-S Tech inside the a Disney Quest attraction, in the introductory video.

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