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is a comic series that ran in Italy in 2002 for 30 issues. It focuses on the adventures of Mickey Mouse into an alternate world of the supernatural being assisted by a Goofy-like werewolf named Pipwolf and an albino mouse named Manny.

The original magazine's format featured long 45 page stories accompanied by shorter 15 page stories and short strips starring Pipwolf. It is currently being translated and released in the United States on the Disney Comics app on iOS systems.

Feature Stories

In the Mirror

When Mickey and Minnie are walking home from the movies, they take a path through a darkened park, but a compact mirror ends up dropping out of Minnie's bag. After walking Minnie home, Mickey has to backtrack through the park home and runs into Pipwolf, a werewolf resembling Goofy that gives him the locket back. The next day, Mickey recognizes something isn't right with the mirror, which shows a monstrous face within. Reading the inscription on the back, he goes to an old antique store, the Shop of Errors, run by an old mouse named Toppersby. After telling him how he came across the mirror, Toppersby tells the story of how a dimension hopping monster would drag souls from the real world into his mirror dimension. Eventually, a sorcerer sealed his powers and identity inside a magic mirror, which left the creature vulnerable to any real mirrors.

Traveling to a Victorian portion of Mouseton, he goes to the White Mouse Tavern to meet Pipwolf, who offers to act as a guide to the supernatural world lying beyond the real one. Taking a portal inside a grandfather clock in a stranger's home, the two arrive at the mansion home of Manny, who the mirror was supposed to go back to in the first place. Eventually, the monster pursues Mickey to the house and forces Mickey to give up the mirror, but he has switched it with Minnie's real mirror, which causes the monster and the mirror to both be destroyed. Distraught that he destroyed Minnie's mirror in the process, he plans to apologize the next day, but finds Pipwolf fixed the mirror and returned it to Minnie.

The Contest

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