Wynnchel and Duncan are minor antagonists in Disney's 2012 animated film, Wreck-It Ralph. They are a pair of bumbling security doughnuts that served as King Candy's henchmen during his reign over Sugar Rush.


Wynnchel and Duncan are characters from the video game Sugar Rush, where they serve as the primary security forces for the kingdom's ruler. They function on mopeds modeled after the Royal Racer.

Official Description

Wynnchel and Duncan are King Candy's muscle, ensuring order in the Sugar Rush community. Just don't make 'em mad or their frosting might melt.


They take their positions very seriously and prove to be rather persistent. Despite King Candy's trust in them, however, they are rather pathetic at their job, and often fail their tasks due to their incompetence and weak-will.

As shown in the spin-off comic, The Donut Kart, they seem to have very little patience, considerably Wynnchel, and are sometimes prone to bickering with one another. They are also quite cowardly and pretentious; when Wreck-It Ralph first appeared on the racetrack covered in taffy, Wynnchel and Duncan cowered in fear, until Ralph inadvertently trapped himself in a giant cupcake. Wynnchel and Duncan then proceeded to pompously attack him.

They are quick to violence, immediately bashing Ralph in the head with their batons even after the bad-guy was trapped within a giant cupcake, making it incredibly difficult to move.

Wynnchel is a tall and slender, brown éclair. His uniform consists of a police hat and sunglasses, black belt and boots and a golden star.

Wynnchel seems to have the higher rank of the duo, as he does most of the talking and orders Duncan around repeatedly. He has a sarcastic and somewhat churlish personality. Despite his negative traits, he is loyal and respectful toward his sovereign. When interacting with both King Candy and Vanellope directly, Wynnchel removed his headwear, a universal sign of respect. When he asked Vanellope a question near the end of the film, he began with, "Pardon me for asking...", showing he can be courteous despite his short temper.

He is voiced by Adam Carolla.

Duncan is a short, stocky brown doughnut with white frosting and sprinkles for a mustache. His uniform consists of a police hat and sunglasses, black belt and boots and a golden star badge. He speaks with a thuggish Brooklyn-esque accent.

Compared to Wynnchel, Duncan is somewhat docile, flimsy and submissive. When tasked with a mission by King Candy, Duncan would often look to Wynnchel for guidance rather than acting immediately. Because of his lower ranking, he is sometimes given the brunt of the work between the two, such as when he was tasked with ripping Ralph from a giant cupcake. Like Wynnchel, Duncan genuinely cares for his sovereign (as seen when King Candy was glazed) but he is somewhat less cordial, as he spoke casually with Vanellope even after discovering that she is their princess.

Duncan is voiced by Horatio Sanz.


Wreck-It Ralph

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Wynnchel and Duncan in Wreck-It Ralph.

When Vanellope von Schweetz, a young girl who was banned from racing in Sugar Rush because she's a glitch, weasels her way into the Random Roster Race, Wynnchel and Duncan are called fourth to arrest her, but a taffy monster interferes and scares the donuts away. The distraction allows Vanellope to escape, while the taffy monster gets itself stuck in a giant cupcake, allowing Wynnchel and Duncan to capture it and take it to King Candy. There, the monster is revealed to be Wreck-It Ralph, who was looking for his medal that Vanellope stole. King Candy tells him that it's impossible to retrieve his medal because she deposited it in the codes along with the other gold coins, which now allows her to race. Wynnchel and Duncan are then ordered to escort Ralph out of Sugar Rush, but Ralph escapes and searches for racers to win back his medal.

Later on, Wynnchel, Duncan, and King Candy head to the kart factory where Vanellope and Ralph have broken in to make a kart. On their motorcycles, Wynnchel and Duncan chase Ralph and Vanellope down but they lose them. King Candy orders the duo to continue searching, but after a while, Wynnchel and Duncan return to the castle to inform the king that they've failed and King Candy ordered them to leave.

During the climax, Duncan can be spotted escaping Sugar Rush during the Cy-Bug invasion caused by Ralph accidentally bringing a Cy-Bug from Hero's Duty into Sugar Rush. Thanks to Ralph, the Cy-Bugs were defeated, as was King Candy, who turned out to be a rogue video game character who dominated Sugar Rush, dethroning Vanellope who is the game's true ruler. Fortunately, Vanellope is revealed to be the "Princess of Sugar Rush", but decides to make herself president instead. Wynnchel and Duncan then gladly return to Vanellope's side as her security guards.

Wynnchel and Dunca have a final appearance during the end-credits sequence; apparently participating in game-jumping adventures like the lead characters, the duo is glimpsed running from Cyril the Zombie (with a few more zombies) chasing them.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Wynnchel and Duncan return in the sequel. When Sugar Rush gets unplugged, they rush to Game Central Station—trampling over the Surge Protector as they do—where they're reduced to sobbing messes at the loss of their home.

Printed material

The Donut Kart

In this comic, Wynnchel and Duncan find that their mopeds are unable to keep up with the speed of the racers' karts. This makes it difficult to maintain the law, as the racers take advantage of the problem by breaking the speed limit. Wynnchel and Duncan consult President Vanellope for help, who takes the two to the kart bakery factory to create a massive new vehicle. Wynnchel and Duncan use this monstrous vehicle to "scare the racers straight".


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  • The names "Wynnchel" and "Duncan" are both puns for the Winchell's and Dunkin' chains of donut shops.
    • Additionally, Wynchel is an éclair, which is more common in the western US, while Duncan is a "sugar ring", which is more popular in the eastern US.
  • Wynnchel and Duncan are also a joke on the connection of policemen's affinity with donuts, as well as being stereotypes of corrupt police officers.
  • There are a few, very brief, scenes in the film where the duo's eyes are visible.
  • Their badges read "To heat and serve", a play-on of "To protect and serve".

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