A Magma-class red draconium dragon, Wyldfyr is built for speed and his human is the tough and spirited Kitt Wonn. He is seen in the television series, Dragon Booster. Wyldfyr has a personality and temper similar to Kitt's. He often works with Red Thruster Gear and is quick on the racing tracks. He is also well known for his speed and agility. He excels in sprinting, maneuverability, and intensity. Wyldfyr is feircely loyal to Kitt and his crew. Much of Wyldfyr's personality hasn't been shown on screen.

Wyldfyr is red in color with white spikes on his tail, a streamlined saurian body and large facial spikes. Like most Magma-class dragons, he stands on two legs. Since he leans forward, a large amount of his body mass is toward his flanks, to balance his weight while walking, running, etc. His name is a play on the word Wildfire, which is a quickly-spreading fire.