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Wyatt Bernstein
Wyatt Bernstein (Cole Jensen) is one of the two main characters on the show Crash & Bernstein. Wyatt, always wanted a brother since he is the boy in his family and all he has is sisters, and he has been waiting 12 years for a brother, as he gets one by creating one and it's a puppet named Crash. Wyatt seems to be afraid of bugs such as scorpions and beetles. Wyatt has to share a room with Cleo.


Wyatt is a very out-going person. He can be a little grumpy sometimes but he can't hold a grudge. Since Wyatt is the only boy in the house he felt left out. Until his new buddy/brother Crash came along. Every since Crash came he doesn't feel left out any more and now he feels normal. Wyatt always feels that he treats Crash more like a brother. It is often shown that for unknown reasons, Wyatt often has it out for his sister, Amanda.

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