"Wrong Song" is the first episode of Jonas L.A.


Nick falls fast and hard for a girl named Penny. Joe and Kevin tease Nick, stating he has gone "too far, too fast" too many times. Elsewhere, Stella is unhappy with the boys' clothing being torn up by fans, which leads her to create Stelcro, a velcro adhesive that allows her to just replace the ripped piece of clothing by sticking it on. Meanwhile, Nick goes crazy trying to write a song for Penny, and performs for her "Give Love A Try".

Penny misinterprets Nick when he says he wrote it for her, believing he wrote it for her to sing. Penny then invites Nick to watch her perform at CBDB's. Nick, Joe, and Kevin, disguised in ridiculous outfits, appear at CBDB's. Penny announces that she will be singing the song Nick wrote for her. Joe then says to Nick, "Dude, your girlfriend stole your song!" Nick replies, saying "She's not my girlfriend! And I wrote it for her, she can do whatever she wants with it!" Penny dedicates the song to her boyfriend, Jimmy, which causes Nick to be upset and the boys leave.

The next day, Penny says she did not see Nick, and he says he was in the back. Nick tells Penny to record in the studio at their house. Penny does, and right before recording, Nick storms down to the kitchen, where Joe and Kevin follow him. Nick admits that Kevin and Joe were right about moving too far, too fast. The boys go back upstairs, where Penny tells Nick that she broke up with Jimmy because he hated the song. The two sing a duet on " Give Love A Try". The show ends with Stella testing her Stelcro. Two of the boys are wearing normal clothes, and one is wearing Stelcro. Stella tries to see if the average fan (or, in this case, Macy) can figure out which is wearing the Stelcro. Macy rips Joe's clothing to shreds. The boys walk away, horrified, and Stella looks at Macy and tells her that Joe wasn't wearing the Stelcro; it is unknown who was.




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International Airdates

Country/Region First Shown
United States May 2, 2009
United Kingdom June 15, 2009