Woodles is a character from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse special "Minnie's the Wizard of Dizz".

He helps Minnie and Pluto and the others when needed as soon as he is called, not by saying "Oh, Toodles!" but "Oh, Woodles!" instead. He also has a Mousekadoer of his own called the "Mousekadizz" but it has different colors. Clarabelle operates the Mousekadizz instead of Mickey.

Unlike Toodles, Quoodles, Boodles, and Goofles, he doesn't seem to have a face or voice so throughout this whole episode, his faceplate is just a screensaver of swirly lines instead of circles, unlike Toodles, Quoodles, Boodles, and Goofles.


Around some time when he was gonna deliver a Mousekatool, Minnie accidentally was gonna call Toodles instead of Woodles.