"Wonders of the Water World" is an episode of Walt Disney Presents. It aired on May 21, 1961.


This episode of "Disneyland" (in its "Wonderful World of Color" incarnation) begins rather abruptly with an odd montage of various animals, before opening and then providing a brief introduction by Walt Disney. Rather than limit itself to underwater life, this program tracks the course of a body of water (from brooke to lake to sea, etc.) and features the lives of animals that inhabit in or near it. It's very much a Cliffs Notes version of all the previous programs on the DVD, but is still just as entertaining. This is a episode from the Disney's Wonderful World of Color program from 1961, with an introduction by Walt himself. While it does contain many shots from the True-Life Adventures series, it looks as if other sequences come from leftover or alternate footage. It runs 50 minutes.