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Wonderland is a six-issue comic book miniseries published by Disney and Slave Labor Graphics that serves as a sequel/spinoff to Alice in Wonderland. It ran from May 2006 to 2008, and was collected as a hardcover collection in 2009.

Set after the film, it tells the story of Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's maid, who is thrust into the chaos of what happened in Wonderland after Alice left. The Queen of Hearts and her soldiers are pursuing the White Rabbit, charging him for treason for letting the "Alice Monster" escape. Mary Ann must find a way to save both the White Rabbit and herself.

Chapter 1: Impostor!

The chapter begins with Mary Ann, the White Rabbit's maid who was mentioned in the film but was never seen, making her way to the White Rabbit's home, certain that she'll be lectured for being late. While her feather duster (which has a degree of sentience) reminds her that she's late because she was cleaning her only apron, Mary Ann finds what she hopes to be a shortcut to the White Rabbit's home (which, coincidentally, it is).

Meanwhile, the Queen of Hearts is preparing to execute Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee (for the crime of being "unnecessarily annoying", which is a fitting accusation). However, the Tweedles beg the Queen to spare them; in return, they share the (false) news that there is a conspirator in her own service- the White Rabbit. Forging a tall tale that the White Rabbit is in league with the "Alice Monster", the Tweedles save their hides; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the White Rabbit, who the Queen becomes intent on killing. The Tweedles promptly help themselves to the Queen's plate of pastries while she goes off on a rampage.

Back with Mary Ann, the young maid has made it to the White Rabbit's home. Sure enough, the White Rabbit is there; luckily, he only has a stern scolding to use against Mary Ann. After handing the Rabbit his gloves, Mary Ann reminds him that he is due at his post in three minutes (which leaves him extremely worried); however, before he can even act, the Cheshire Cat appears and tells the Rabbit of the serious trouble he's in. Mary Ann, noting that Alice is referred to as a monster, asks her boss what he means. He responds by relating what happened during the movie and states that he thought that Alice was Mary Ann. Soon enough, the Queen appears, angrier than ever. Though the White Rabbit pleads innocence, the Queen is unconvinced, especially when she finds a loose strand of Alice's hair laying on the floor. In a rage, she orders the Rabbit to be beheaded; however, the swing of her scepter causes a pastry to land on Mary Ann's apron. This sends her into a rage that, when coupled with the Cheshire Cat giving her the specter that once belonged to the Queen of Spades, leaves the Queen of Hearts dazed long enough for both servant and master to flee the area.

Chapter 2: The Tulgey Wood and the Treacle Well

The chapter begins with the White Rabbit lamenting over his current loss of favor with the Queen of Hearts. Mary Ann is equally upset, but feels that the Queen will come after her before the Rabbit given the fact she knocked the rotund royal out cold. Despite this, the Rabbit feels she'll be safe. Just then, he comes up with the idea of hiding out at Mary Ann's home until things calm down. However, Mary Ann feels it wouldn't do- the White Rabbit, a creature of class, living in "a one-room shack" that's "surrounded by slowsand" and has "a huge rock hanging precariously on an overhang directly above the shack" that could fall and destroy the abode at any time.

However, while listening to Mary Ann describing her house, the White Rabbit hears the sound of caterwauling coming from nearby. The singer turns out to be that disappearing mischief-maker (and the recent cause of all of the White Rabbit and Mary Ann's troubles)- the Cheshire Cat! Though the White Rabbit is angry at the Cat and wishes to cause him harm, Mary Ann is more concerned about the song he is singing- apparently, singing that song calls forth a ferocious monster. However, the Rabbit, ever the thick-headed one, denies Mary Ann's claims as a superstition and (after being angered by the Cheshire Cat's taunts) foolishly recites the majority of the poem, thus calling forth the beast. The attack splits the White Rabbit and Mary Ann up; while the Rabbit is chased by the Jabberwocky (eventually into the Queen's Garden, thanks to the Cheshire Cat), Mary Ann ends up lost in the forest. While Mary Ann's feather duster insists that she find a better-paying job, Mary Ann can't help but feel concerned for the White Rabbit.

Stopping by a well (intending to clean herself up), Mary Ann finds that she has found a treacle well, which she falls into after hearing voices from deep within the well. Falling to the bottom (though not before temporarily floating like Alice was in the movie), Mary Ann finds herself in the company of a trio of ugly, green-skinned sisters- Tilly, Elsie and Lacie -and a pair referred to as "Sir and Madame". With great hesitation, Mary Ann gives "Madame" the scepter of Spades (which she had on her person for so long).

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