Wonderful Ways to Say No is a silly song from the 1990 TV special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue and it was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken. Various cartoon characters such as Huey, Dewey, and Louie sing this song to show Michael how to say no.

Song Lyrics

Smoke: Well, you look like three fine lads. You know, I might have something here you'd like to try. Something to make you feel real good.

Huey: (singing) There's a million wild and wonderful ways to say no

Dewey: No thanks!

Huey: No way!

Baby Kermit: Better learn a few and take 'em wherever you go

Dewey: No dice!

Louie: No sir!

Kermit: If your pal says, "Let's get high"

Garfield: Here's a practical reply

Tigger: Go ahead, let it fly, spit right in his eye and say

All: No!

Chipmunks: There's a million international ways to say no

Smurf: Those drugs are so boring.

Chipmunks: All around the world the smart guys are giving up dough

Kermit: I've been training for football.

Baby Gonzo: In Berlin, they just say "nein"

ALF: And they tell me that works fine

All: Cause the bottom line's to show your spine and say no

Garfield: Now you could say beat it, get lost, get out of my face with that stuff

ALF: But that could be tactless. You may prefer cool, like this:

Kermit: I'll catch you guys later, okay?

Michelangelo: I've got too much homework. It's rough.

Gonzo: I'm late for my baseball game and I'll miss my ride

Tigger: My kid sister needs me

ALF: Her hamster died

Piggy: Gotta hurry home

Winnie The Pooh: There's no time to kill

Tigger: So I'll catch you later

All: Like heck I will!

Chipmunks: There's a million wild and wonderful ways to say no

Pooh: Ah-choo! Guess I'm allergic.

Garfield: And a good excuse is something you never outgrow

Piggy: It's bad for my complexion.

Kermit: When your pals say, "Let's get wrecked!"

Dewey: Muster up your self-respect

Michaelangelo: Go on, push eject, protect yourself.

All: Get up and go!

Tigger: Be the first one on your block to say,

ALF: "Eh, forget it, doc".

Chipmunks: 'Cause you just pulled out those wonderful ways to say no.

Piggy: But you forgot one! Wait!

All: There's a million zillion wonderful ways to say no.

Piggy: Stand back, I'll demonstrate!

All: There's a million jillion wonderful ways to say

Piggy: HI-YAH!

All: No!