WonderWorks was an anthology series co-produced by The Walt Disney Company and PBS that made short, made for TV movies out of acclaimed children's books. They included adaptations of Anne of Green Gables, Bridge to Terabithia, All Summer in a Day, Jacob Have I Loved, The Box of Delights, The Chronicles of Narnia series, Miracle at Moreaux, The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (starring Peter Billingsley, Odile & Yvette at the Edge of the World (scored by Blake Leyh), How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! (by Stephen Manes), Gryphon (produced by Manuel Arce and Carl Haber while starring Amanda Plummer), A Little Princess, A Girl of the Limberlost, Sweet 15, A Waltz Through the Hills, The Canterville Ghost, The Haunting of Barney Palmer, Caddie Woodlawn, The House of Dies Drear, and The Boy Who Loved Trolls. It also co-produced the Australian Clowning Around series.

The series opening intro consisted of a computer animated light bulb-shaped hot air balloon with an airplane at the base of it under the name The WonderWorks BalloonPlane as the main focal point of the intro.

The 1st intro to WonderWorks from 1984 is when the 1st wonderworks balloonplane flying over a landscape underneath the arched "WonderWorks" text. It then flies through a dark blue city skyline which zooms out to reveal a golden compass rose underneath the city skyline which flies up into the starry night, as the arched "WonderWorks" text and a thin golden frame zooms out into view as the balloon flies into the center of the frame and freezes.

The 2nd intro to WonderWorks from 1986 onward was of the top of a multicolored balloon which slices up from the top of the balloon downwards as the pieces of the balloon fly off into the sky before transforming into yellow letters which spell out the word "WonderWorks". One of the "O"s zooms in revealing within the "O"'s hole an airplane at the base of the balloon. It flies around in a circle revealing the 2nd wonderworks balloonplane in full view up into the starry sky while the letters fly up counterclockwise arching over the balloon to form the word "WonderWorks". Once the word is formed, the balloon hovers in midair as the word flashes.

The program was co-produced by WQED-Pittsburgh, KCET-Los Angeles, KTCA-St. Paul/Minneapolis, WHRO-Hampton-Norfolk/Virginia, South Carolina Educational Television. WETA-Washington, D.C. and KERA-Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Funding was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Public Television Stations or Viewers Like You, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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