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"Wizards Unleashed" (also known as "Alex Saves Mason") is the seventy-eighth episode overall and the twenty-seventh episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


After Alex sees on the news a feature about a painting wolf in the Pocono Mountains, she automatically believes that it is Mason. Justin, Max, and Alex flash to the location of the wolf, and learn that it is indeed Mason. However, they then learn that Mason is being held against his will by a family of hillbilly wizards who will agree to give Mason back to Alex in exchange for the Russos' wizard world portal. Alex agrees to make the exchange, unbeknownst to her brothers. The hillbilly family arrive at the Russos' lair for the exchange but Alex fools them by concealing their portal with an anti-magic realm. Because of that, Mason, who had transformed to his human form, reverts back to a wolf as a form of revenge from the hillbillies. The Russos figure out about the transforming hillbilly music and use it on Mason, but he is turned to a half wolf/half human. Until then, they have to find the missing instrument for the hillbilly song; Mason is stuck in his half wolf/half human form, leaving Alex embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Meanwhile, Zeke and Harper take care of the Sub Station and Harper tries to make Zeke kiss her all the while. At Zeke's party, Mason's cover is blown and Alex is humiliated, leaving Mason heartbroken and he leaves her. Harper tells Alex about how she always wore eccentric, flashy clothing but Alex wasn't afraid to be seen with her at all and the same should go for Mason. Alex flashes herself into the elevator where Mason is scratching his neck and apologizes and says she loves him and kisses him. They go back to Zeke's apartment, unaffected by everyone's stares and gawks and they dance, laughing at all their good memories when they were an art couple at Tribeca Prep. In the end, Justin finds the missing instrument, the mouth harp, and plays it and Mason is back to his human form. In the meantime, Theresa and Jerry go on an anniversary trip to Connecticut and stay in a cheap motel, using a camera concealed in a teddy bear to check on the Sub Station. This is a one-hour special.


  • Knock knock, who's there, disappear, disappear who, disappears to be a door eaten by termites – Makes a door be eaten by termites

Special Guest Star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason Greenback

Guest Starring

  • Dan Benson as Zeke, Gary Grubbs as Pa, Mary-Pat Green as Ma, Chad W. Smathers as Junior

Songs Featured

  • "A Year Without Rain" by Selena Gomez & the Scene


  • This is a one hour special. On Disney Channel UK this episode is listed under the title, "Puppy Love". Also this is the first time Justin was seen with a lightsaber, proving that he is a fan of the Star Wars franchise. The True Love Necklace appears once again to see if the evil country wizards' dog is Mason.

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