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"Wizards Exposed" is the seventy-ninth episode overall and the twenty-eighth and final episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


The government finds out that the Russo family are wizards, and takes them into custody to find out more. Max and Alex are both interrogated by Agent Lamwood and Scientist One, but both refuse to say anything. When Justin is interrogated, he is tricked into thinking that aliens are going to attack so he reveals that he is a wizard and that they have a wizard lair. Meanwhile, Harper is trying to find out how to contact the wizard world to inform them of the Russo's abduction; she tells Mason who decides to go through the portal to find help. The government raids the wizard world and arrests many wizards, including Professor Crumbs and Chancellor Rudy Tootietootie, as well as Mason along with the Russo family. The Russo family escape the prison and learn that all magic has been switched off. With the help of a magic cootie catcher given by Professor Crumbs, Alex casts a spell duplicating their family three times so they can think of a plan to escape. Scientist One helps the Russo family, Mason, and Rooty Tootietootie escape telling them that Agent Lamwood is crazy because they are supposed to be researching lizards not wizards. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as the Russo family wonder what to do and whether Alex is right in saying they should reveal to the world that wizards exist to save their fellow wizards.


  • "Edgebono Utoosis" is cast three times after using the cooty catcher.

Magical Object

  • Cooty Catcher – A cooty catcher that once a round is completed, the user(s) may recite a spell within ten seconds. It will work even if the magical core has been unplugged, but may only be used once.

Special Guest Star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason Greyback

Guest Stars

  • Dan Benson as Zeke, Jonathan Kite as Agent Lamwood, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as Scientist 1, Ian Abercrombie as Professor Crumbs, and Andy Kindler as Chancellor Tootietootie


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