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"Wizard for a Day" is the forty-fifth episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.


It is Jerry's birthday so Justin gives him a magical pencil holder and Max was going to go with his annual cat, but decides to go with Justin's pencil sharpener. When Alex looks for a gift better that Justin's she goes to the wizard world and gets the Merlin hat which grants any wish for a day. Jerry wishes for a box of pencils and for a Milky Way Milkshake from the Asteroid Belt. Alex then thinks that his wishes are silly so she uses the hat to turn the Sub Station into the Asteroid Belt. It brings in a lot of customers and Jerry makes their shift go up and makes them wear goofy costumes. A day later, the aliens heard that the milky way milkshake machine has reopened and wants to take it. Justin then uses one of the alien's laser guns to get rid of the hat which makes everything disappear.

Magical objects
  • Merlins hat
Guest stars
Dan Benson as Zeke, Amir Talai as Alien leader
In this episode, Justin is seen being very good in drawing. However, in the episode "Captain Jim Bob Sherwood", he was shown not as good as he was.

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