Winnie the pooh toddler

Winnie the Pooh Toddler is a 1999 Disney educational computer game featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Product Description

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Toddler exercises young minds, encouraging them to think and listen; learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and music; practice their mouse skills; and sing along with their favorite Hundred Acre Wood friends--all in an atmosphere of gentle encouragement and fun. Let your toddler discover a fun-filled world of learning with Winnie the Pooh and friends. Your child can learn about letters, numbers, colors, shapes and much more in the warm and friendly environment of The 100 Acre Wood. See your toddler develop important memory, listening and observation skills while happily interacting with Pooh and his friends. The graphics and music are beautiful, but the content and game play is shallow in these five activities that feature Winnie The Pooh and his friends. In Popping Balloons, children match colors, shapes, letters and numerals as they help get a floating Pooh back to the ground. As each balloon is popped, a narrator labels a shape or number.

Besides the labels, that's all there is to this activity, leaving children and adults alike wondering "what's the point?" Another activity has children clicking on items in Pooh's house in an effort to discover short skits to illustrate concepts like wet and dry, light and dark and so on. Once you've discovered everything, which we did in about ten minutes, the game is over. Besides the limited content, several of the songs and introductions cannot be interrupted, forcing children to wait through explanations of what they're supposed to do. For toddlers we'd stick with Reader Rabbit's Toddler or JumpStart Toddler instead.