How the Winnie the Pooh costumes have changed over the years in Disney Parks and Disney stage shows.

Picture Year Description
Winnie the Pooh with Eeyore
December 1965 - Early 1993 The first Pooh costume. He wears a red sweater with "Pooh" embroidered on it in script, a hunny pot (with a bee on it) on his head for the performer to see out of. He also has a tongue, a moving nose and ears, and short, inoperable arms the performer controls from inside.

Versions of Pooh with different hats or shirts have been known to exist.

This Pooh costume appeared at Disneyland until 1989, Walt Disney World until 1990, and Tokyo Disneyland until late 1992 or early 1993.

1970 - 1971 A variation of the costume used in the 1970-1971 edition of Disney on Parade. This one lacks eyebrows.
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1972 - 1973 An alternate costume used for the 1972-73 edition of Disney on Parade, one that looks almost accurate to his animated counterpart.
1989-2000 Pooh is now taller and no longer wears a honey pot. He head is rounder, his eyes are smaller, his ears are seen almost face-front, his muzzle is rounder, and the arms are now longer for the performer to use his arms freely.

The version of the costume used at Disneyland Paris does not have "Pooh" embroidered on the shirt, since Pooh is known as "Winnie l'ourson" in France.

2000 - present Pooh has a shorter head, is now fluffier, cuter and a little bit thinner. His pupils are now black, and his ears face front. There also no more writing on his shirt.
Pooh live cp 9081956
The articulated version of Winnie the Pooh, seen in live stage shows.