Winnie the Pooh's A to Zzzz is an alphabet book, in Winnie the Pooh style.


Langley's and Wakeman's winning collaboration provides perky art for this alphabet book, which offers solid proof of the timeless appeal of the inimitable Winnie the Pooh. Accompanying each letter of the alphabet is a brief rhyme by Ferguson, who manages to capture the vitality and the idiosyncrasies of the residents of the Hundred-Acre Wood--as well as the nuances of A. A. Milne's superbly subtle humor. Both the illustrations and the verse will elicit chuckles. On a page announcing that " I is for ice skates," a cautious Pooh is shown with a pillow strapped to his backside, next to the words, "Though others give / Him funny glances, / On ice skates Pooh Bear / Takes no chances." In the end, a sleepy Pooh " Z zzzs" out in bed, an activity that little ones will want to put off until this book has been reread at least once.