Window Cleaners is an animated short starring Donald Duck and Pluto.


Donald is a window cleaner on the side of a skyscraper, with help from Pluto.


Donald Duck is working on a Window Cleaner job washing windows on the skyscraper building. Donald Duck has problems with his job on the roped platform when his hat and tail feathers gets clipped and Pluto the Dog lets go of the rope which causes Donald Duck to fall through the roped platform on a statue horse. Donald Duck struggles to wake Pluto up and accidentally gets the bucket of nuts and bolts instead of water and breaks the window.

When things finally go well for Donald Duck, Donald teases the bee by attempting to drown the bee. The bee gets revenge and attacks Donald Duck. But Donald Duck defends himself with the bucket and tries to kill the bee on the pole but misses and falls down on the roped platform. The bee dives at Donald Duck and he swings his mop but misses and gets all tied up on the roped platform. The bee sees this as a opportunity to sting Donald Ducks exposed rear end, Donald Duck tries to prevent the bee from stinging his rear end by blowing hard at the bee but gets tired out and the bee gets tired as well. The bee gets up and finally stings Donald Duck in the rear end which causes Donald Duck to jump and get untied from the platform. Donald Duck then dives headfirst into the drainpipe and calls Pluto for help. Pluto the dog ignores Donald's cries and shoves his head back into the drainpipe where Donald Duck continues to scream and Pluto goes back to sleep.



  • The Limited Gold Edition 2: Donald's Bee Pictures VHS of this cartoon uses the original opening and closing titles.
  • This cartoon is the first one to introduce Spike the Bee as Donald Ducks main rival.

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