Professor Wilson Croft is one of the main antagonists of the 1997 film, Flubber. The other being Chester Hoenicker. He is established as a long-time rival of the protagonist, Professor Philip Brainard, and often profited by stealing his ideas.

Role in the film

When introduced, Wilson is very blunt in his approach and declares his intent to not only continue stealing from Brainard, but also takes his fiancée, Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds, from him and make her his own (in effect, this means stealing even more from Brainard than he already has). He is mean to Brainard because of his atraction of power, so that the High School where Brainard and Sara teach classes eventually gets under his comand.

He eventually fails, after being hitted multiple times by Sara and accidentally swallows Flubber, making him feeling a great kind of sensations thoughout his body, before farts Flubber and faints exhausted. After this, Brainard saves the school, meanwhile Wilson and the others become arrested.

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