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Willy White is Roger Klotz's sidekick in the animated series Doug. He is the dumbest of Roger's friends and his father is Bob White, the ex-mayor of Bluffington.

Role in the Series

Although his role was rather minor in the Nickelodeon series, his role evolved when Disney bought the series and he became a much more prominent character and developed a separate personality from the rest of Roger's gang. His lines became much more quotable and perhaps became the funniest character on the show.

Although he never became a main character there were quite a few episodes revolving around him including Doug Gets his Wish and Doug's Patti Beef. A usual appearance of Willy in each episode would usually revolve around Willy saying something ridiculous out of the blue and getting corrected by Roger Klotz.

Although his role was minor, Willy remains the most recognizable member of Roger's gang.


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