"Willie and the Yank" is a 1967 3-part episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.


During the Civil War, Willie Prentiss, a Confederate 15, accidentally shoots his officer. Henry Jenkins, a Yankee, help to escape court martial. John Mosby, the accidentally wounded by Willie officer asked as compensation to integrate his battalion, and in order to organize the removal of a Union general. Henry falls in love with cousin Willie Oralee Prentiss. But the conflict between the North and the South complicates their desire for marriage.


  • James MacArthur as Cpl. Henry Jenkins
  • Nick Adams as Sgt. Gregg
  • Jack Ging as Lt. John Singleton Mosby
  • Kurt Russell as Pvt. Willie Prentiss
  • Peggy Lipton as Oralee Prentiss
  • Donald Harron as Gen. Edwin H. Stoughton
  • Jeanne Cooper as Ma Prentiss
  • James T. Callahan as Sam Chapman (as James Callahan)
  • Robert Sorrells as Pvt. Starkey
  • L.J. Andre as Uncle Ferd
  • Steve Raines as Sgt. Maddux
  • Michael Pate as Capt. Blazer
  • Michael Kearney as Homer Prentiss
  • Robert Random as Pvt. Lomax
  • Michael Forest as Gen. J.E.B. Stuart