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Widow Tweed is one of the main protagonists in Disney's 1981 feature film The Fox and the Hound. She is the caretaker of Tod.


Widow Tweed is known for her kindness; she mentions suffering from loneliness after the loss of her husband. She is motherly, taking in the orphaned Tod and raising him. However, she also shows a firm, assertive side and repeatedly stands up to the antagonistic Amos Slade.


The Fox and the Hound

When a fox kit's mother is shot and killed by a hunter, Big Mama the owl and her friends Dinky the finch and Boomer the woodpecker search for someone to look after the orphaned kit. They realize that Widow Tweed, a nearby widowed farmer who is known as a kind woman, would be the perfect person for the job. Boomer knocks on her door and when she sees Big Mama and Dinky pick her bloomers off her clothesline and drop them on the kit, she runs over and finds the young fox underneath. When she realizes he has no mother, she takes him in as her own. She names him Tod because he looks like such a little toddler. She tells him that with him there now she's not going to be so lonesome anymore after the passing of her husband.

Widow Tweed cares for Tod, and he follows her everywhere. She notes that she can't stay mad at him, even when he is being mischievous. After he begins annoying Abigail the cow, she encourages him to run along and play. Unknown to her, he meets a hound puppy named Copper and they become friends. One day, her neighbor Amos Slade chases Tod, accusing him of harassing his chickens; during the chase, he accidentally nearly shoots Widow Tweed, destroying the pails of milk in the back of her car. He had actually gone over to see Copper and thus was innocent, but this is unknown to either person. Widow Tweed grabs Amos' rifle and shoots out the radiator in his truck. She tells him that Tod would never hurt anyone or anything and orders him off her property. Deciding to keep Tod safe, she decides to coop him up inside, but she is glad the next day to see Amos and his two dogs, Chief and Copper, leave for a hunting trip.

At some point during the winter, Widow Tweed gives Tod a birthday party, celebrating his first birthday, and presents him with a collar. However, trouble starts up as Amos comes backs to shoot him. He had gone onto Amos's property, and a long chase had resulted in Chief nearly getting killed. Amos warns Widow Tweed that she can't protect Tod forever. The next day, she makes the hard decision to release him into a nearby game preserve.

Later, after the rescue of Amos and Copper from Tod, she doctors Amos' leg, which he had injured in a bear trap.

The Fox and the Hound 2

Widow Tweed only briefly appeared in and out of a few scenes in the second movie.

Once Upon a Time

On the show, Widow Tweed and Widow Lucas are the same character. It is particulary evidenced by the canonical novel Red's Untold Tale where she protect her werewolf granddaughter Red from hunters, in particulary Amos Slade (who had tried to seduce her in their teenage period).



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