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The user of the Whoopty-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Ooper bounce

The Whoopty-Dooper-Loopty-Looper-Alley-Ooper bounce is a signature bounce done by Tigger in his own movie and was practiced by Roo, who mispronounces the name until he gets it correct, which is not until much later when he uses it to save Tigger from certain death.


This powerful bounce requires its user to twist up his/her tail really tight, wind up all of their springs, and then let go of the pent up energy to be propellered into the air. If the user collides with any objects or walls during the bounce that are solid, they will ricochet off of them like a pinball bouncing off the walls at a breakneck pace. If there are no obstacles, then the user can fly for a short time due to their legs moving functioning like that of spinning helicopter blades. If the user happens to be as masterful as Tigger with the bounce, then he/she maybe able to control his/her flight path as well as where and what the user ricochets off of (Roo, despite having failed the bounce three occasions within the movie, had done this too, but he was a quick learner and a natural bouncer). According to Tigger, this bounce is not recommended for those within the novice stages of bouncing. The user of the bounce can also, that is if they hit large objects hard enough, the bounce could move even large boulders that would require normally heavy machinery to shove aside.

The Bounce in The Tigger Movie

The first time the WDLLAOB is, which is the acronym for the bounce, used is on the event that Eeyore's home is destroyed by a boulder after slowly getting away from it. Despite Tigger's good intentions in removing the boulder so the others may bounce with him, he is reprimanded by Rabbit for being underfoot and destroying his invention, the Rock Remover.

Later, when Roo had mentioned the prospect of finding more of his species and at Tigger's house, Tigger mentions his trademark bounce to Roo after saying he used it to remove the boulder, and Roo has trouble pronouncing the bounce. When Roo asks Tigger to mentor him on the bounce, Tigger is very reluctant as he claims it is a very strong bounce (this is unquestionably true) and only for professional bouncers. Roo then says he's a very good bouncer, and Tigger tries to refuse him due to his height. Roo tries to say that he could learn it, who is tongue-tied in pronunciation, and Tigger tells him he can't learn the bounce if Roo cannot even say it right, so Tigger begins to tutor Roo on its pronunciation and mechanics (Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce).

At the end of the lesson and showing Roo how the bounce is performed, Roo is more than eager to try it for himself, but Tigger stops him to let Roo know about safety rules and regulations (such as never doing it in darkness, after eating, nearby an open flame, etc.). Roo then tightly winds up his body, scrunches his tail, and lets it all go in the midst of Tigger's lecture, and he is sent flying from the hammock, record player, lantern line, ends up rolling on a spherical cushion, being flung off by a spring seat, and ending to crashing within the closet. This result happened because Roo did not wind up properly and held back long enough.

The second time Roo tries it again is at his home, but at a more sloppy performance at Tigger's place, he doesn't do too excellent of a job and ends up flying into Kanga's arms. The sloppiness could be because the interior of Roo's room does not have as much open space like Tigger's home or the outside.

The third time was to prevent Tigger's disappointment after he, Pooh and the gang (sans Rabbit, who was getting ready for Winter at the time) wrote Tigger a letter from his "family" (with Owl's counsel, of course). When Roo performed it for a third time, his performance was the same as the first time he tried it, with it being a little better. However, it ruined Roo's disguise and foiled the plan to make Tigger happy.

The fourth (alone) and last time (with Tigger) Roo tries it to save Tigger from an avalanche, i.e. the avalanche Tigger initiated by shouting "For My. Real. FAMILY!!", Roo does it correctly on both instances. The ability to fly to is shown when Roo bounces off the tree to save Tigger from death, and when both Roo and Tigger escape the ravine and avalanche using a boulder as a platform. While flying, the duo skillfully ricochet off of massive icicles, go through a huge hollowed log before a giant stone can crush them shortly after, and safely landing on the tree, dodging the avalanche's dwindling blitzkrieg immediately after.

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