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Whitey is a sea gull and the minor protagonist from Disney's 1946 short The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At the Met, a segment of Make Mine Music. He is Willie the Whale's sidekick and mentor.


Whitey is Willie's friend, who enjoys hearing him sing and would like for his friend's dreams of singing professionally to come true. He is the one who brings Willie the newspaper that lets him know the Opera Director Tetti-Tatti is on his way, which ultimately leads to Willie's demise (Whitey was unaware of Tetti-Tatti's true agenda and thought that he only wanted to make Willie's singing talent known to the world). He is seen at the end mourning his friend.

Make Mine Music

Whitey is first seen staring at an article of the newspaper in the ocean, which he picks up with his beak and shows to Willie.


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