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The Whisker Haven Theme is the opening theme to Whisker Haven: Tales with the Palace Pets.

Lyrics (Demo)


Hearts, hooves, paws
The royal heart of friendship
A tale for every heart
A smile on every friendly face

Welcome to Whisker Haven!

Full Song Lyrics

Hearts, hooves, paws!
Palace Pets have come to Whisker Haven,
Where everyone takes hearts, and they are always best of friends!
Welcome to Whisker Haven!
Doo Doo Doo Doo, Palace Pets
(Verse 2)
Every Day they have royal fur or feathers,
Royal heart of friendship's what brings them all together!
Hold my heart, take my paw,
Hold my heart, take my paw,
That's how friendships start, that's how friendships start!
Join the fun and visit Whisker Haven!
(Verse 3)
Treasure: A place where there is lots of fun!
Sultan: Pouncing into Adventure!
Petite: Read the books!
Pumpkin: Come, Come, Come!
Dreamy: It's a dream come true!
Berry: Pie!
(Repeat Heart Paw chorus)

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