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Whiptail Logo

Whiptail is Dutch's car. It is a mid-21st century hot rod that's in a constant state of modification.


Whiptail is white and purple. Dutch is welding new things onto and switching the car's color scheme all the time.

Whiptail's logo is a purple scorpion in a helmet riding a flaming hot rod.


  • Whiptail laser - Whiptail has a prehensible laser gun mounted on the back, similar to a scorpion's tail. Dutch can fire in any direction with it.
Name Item Location Funtion Appear/s
Sonic Spitter
Vehicles whiptail Sonic Spitter
Between the car

play ear-splitting sound waves (that can shatter armor)

Battle for Motorcity
Vehicles whiptail rear end with roth-1-
At the rear who helps with the car mods and field repairs
Vehicles whiptail mag wheels
On the wheels Reunion



  • Like Mutt, Whiptail was completely totaled during the series, but has subsequently been rebuilt.

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