When Life Gives You Lemons Title Card

When Life Gives You Lemons is the first Mickey episode of Where's My Mickey?





Level Name Introduces Collectible Found
Mickey 1-1 Dig Deep Water, Dirt N/A
Mickey 1-2 Rainy Day Clouds
Mickey 1-3 Down the Drain
Mickey 1-4 To the Cloud Exploding Beach Ball
Mickey 1-5 Switch it On Switches N/A
Mickey 1-6 Look Both Ways Head Trapping Bucket
Mickey 1-7 Jump for Joy N/A
Mickey 1-8 Catch a Ride
Mickey 1-9 Release the Wind
Mickey 1-10 Go With the Flow Daisy's "Sunglasses"
Mickey 1-11 Blow it Up N/A
Mickey 1-12 Switching Clouds
Mickey 1-13 It's Clouded in Here Bucket of Flavor
Mickey 1-14 Clear the Skies N/A
Mickey 1-15 Closing in Fast Squeakless Toy
Mickey 1-16 Sky Dive N/A
Mickey 1-17 Wind Tunnels Flowing Fetch Stick
Mickey 1-18 Liftoff N/A
Mickey 1-19 Windy Path
Mickey 1-20 Hold it Right There!