Wesley Williger (portrayed by Billy Unger) was an actor who played Mackenzie as a 12-year-old boy on the show Sonny with a Chance. Zora had a crush on Wesley but after he started flirting with Sonny, she realised he was a jerk. He resembles Chad in quite a few ways as he says "peace out, suckuh's" (which Chad says a lot), he likes Sonny and flirts with her, like Chad does, and was a jerk toward Zora like Chad was during Season 1. At the end of the episode, he was taken away by Mackenzie Falls security under the orders of Chad because Chad knew that he was "mini macking on Sonny". Chad stated to Sonny that he was "molding him in my image". Wesley gets confused and thinks that Sonny asks him out instead of asking him to go on a date with Zora.


  • Wesley is originally from Dallas, Texas.