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"Welcome Home" is a song sung in the 2001 film Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure and is performed by the chorus, Jeff Bennett, Jodi Benson, Kath Soucie, Jim Cummings, Michael Gough, and Debi Derryberry. This song is the opening song for the film. It sets up the theme for the entire film - independence. The sequence ends with a Broadway-style performance of various people out in a street singing and waving. It is later reprised at the end of the film while Angel has been adopted and while Scamp is being bathed.


To this small, little
Not too big, little homey
Nice, little, quaint, little always kindly
Old New England town

If you're new to the place
And feeling uneasy
Fret not a bit
In this always, friendly
Old New England town
Welcome (2x)

To our family picnic
July fourth picnic
Independence Day!

Whether next of kin or new-door neighbor
Happily, we pool our labor to give our town a new face
And when we're done, you'll never know the place

At our family picnic
July fourth picnic
Independence Day!
There's a buzzing in the air
Children running everywhere
As all of us prepare
For that once-a-year wonderful day
And our spirits are so high
Feels like Christmas in July
As we pray the hours fly
To that star-spangled
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day

Female Puppies:
We can hardly wait to bathe and dress up
We love picnics we confess, yup!

With Darling and with Jim Dear
We've made a home from which we'll never roam

Why would we when we're so contented here

In this small, little, not too

Female Puppies:
Big, little, cozy

Lady and Female Puppies: Warm, little, swell, little

Always loving old New England home?
In our small, little, not too big
Little, honey, nice, little
Quaint, little, Always friendly
Old New England town
Welcome (4x)

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