Kiss me, big boy!
―Weebo's final words

Weebo is a character and the tritagonist from Disney's Flubber.

Role in the film

She is a floating robot in yellow, black, and gray, served as Philip Brainard's assistant. She has eyes that have a different shape and possesses light. When she expresses, she shows segments of many actions and feelings on her LCD screen when it opens. For example, she shows the segment that has Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs sleeping in a sink. Throughout the movie, she prevents Brainard from marrying Sara due to the fact that she herself is in love with him. She has the ability of flash photography like when she once takes a picture of Flubber. She also can make a holographic projection in the form of a human spirit named Sylvia (with a white dress on it) from her screen but she sees that Brainard and Sara are made for each other and goes to tell Sara. The moment before her death, she also has a great time with Flubber. She was later hit by a baseball bat (courtesy of Smith) while trying to protect Flubber, ceases to function, and also gives Brainard the blueprints for her daughter, Weebette.



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