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Wee Dingwall
Background information
Feature films Brave
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Callum O'Neill
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Wee Lamb (by Merida)
Personality Awkward, clumsy, dreamy, loyal, appears weak but rather strong
Appearance Short, lanky, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, large ears, long thin nose
Occupation Lord Dingwall's son, heir to clan Dingwall
Alignment Good
Goal To win the Highland Games, then to assist King Fergus to stop Mor'du
Home Scottish Highlands
Relatives Lord Dingwall (father)
Allies King Fergus, Queen Elinor, Princess Merida, Lord Macintosh, Lord MacGuffin, Young Macintosh, Young MacGuffin, The Witch, The Crow
Enemies Mor'du
Likes Merida
Dislikes danger, his dad forcing him to pick Merida, the Witch's spells
Powers and abilities
Weapons his teeth, bow and arrow, spear
Fate He kisses Merida's arm goodbye and he and his father leave DunBroch.

He is offered a spell from the Witch and runs out of the cottage screaming (The Legend of Mor'du)

Quote "I didn't pick her out, it was your idea."
"I just wanted a drink of water!"

Wee Dingwall is a minor character in Brave. He is the son of Lord Dingwall and one of the suitors competing for Princess Merida's hand in marriage.


Wee Dingwall is the most undeveloped of Merida's suitors; he is often found hopelessly lost in his own head but can still be aware of what is going on around him. It seems that he is very loyal to his father, as the latter was able to sic him on Lord Macintosh like an attack dog. He is also friends with Young MacGuffin and Young Macintosh.



As the only son of Lord Dingwall, Wee Dingwall became one of the three suitors for Princess Merida. During his introduction, he stood behind a large, muscular member of Clan Dingwall, and had to be yanked into view by his father. He took place in the archery contest, and managed to hit a perfect bullseye when King Fergus startled him at just the right moment.

While everyone was fighting each other, he bites Lord Macintosh. Later, during Merida's speech to the Lords about letting their children decide their own fate, Wee Dingwall finally spoke when he asked why he had no more say in the engagement than Merida. He took part in (unwittingly) hunting down Queen Elinor in her bear form, and was present when she returned to human form.

At the end of the film, it was shown that he did have some interest in Merida, as he kissed her hand and arm several times goodbye, which the princess found quite detestable. Then, he and his father said good-bye to the other clans.

The Legend of Mor'du

He appears in the end of the short film where he was the one the Witch was telling the story of Mor'du and offered him a spell to challenge his fate but he fearfully claimed he just wanted a drink of water and rushes to the door but couldn't get it open until the Witch tells him to pull it. He does so and thanks her, and then runs off screaming.


  • Despite the fact that he stated he wanted a choice in who he wants to marry and that his father chose the princess for him and not himself, he seems taken with Merida as shown when he kisses her on the arm multiple times.


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