I am Wednesday Malone! I am determined, young and interested to join the drama and singing club! It's my life!
―Wednesday to Ms. Darbus in Madison High
Wendy ''Wednesday'' Michele Malone is one of the five main protagonists of Disney Channel's cancelled 2011 series, Madison High. She, along with her friends, attend a drama-production block, where they learn how to stand out from the crowd, and shine. Wednesday is very confident in herself and doesn't let anyone stand in her way. Though, at times, she can be very shy and speaks in a low, timid voice.

She inhabits a crush on the school's handsome jock, Devin Daniels, whom is similar to Troy Bolton. One point in the show, Devin is forced to babysit Malone, bringing in her argumentative side. She did didn't want to be babysat, as she thought, she was old enough and responsible, also pointing out, Devon was not.

Wednesday has made many friends throughout the series; them being, Harvey Flynn, Peyton Hall, Colby Baker, Devon Daniels and Ms. Darbus, the singing and drama teacher. She is not friends with, Cherry O'Keefe, after O'Keefe bullied her, when she was a freshman.

Malone always tries to act younger than she is. This shows, she is willing to show to people, she can be an 'adult' on her own.

Wednesday is portrayed by G. Hannelius.


Early Years

Wednesday was born on the 14th of August 1999, at 23:59pm to her parents, Mr & Mrs Malone, who became doctors, nine weeks before her birth. She, then, was taken home, to meet her brother, whom was very mean to her.


In Madison High


Wednesday arrives for another year at Madison High, and decides to join the singing and Drama club-production club. When she does, she meets, mean girl of the high school, Cherry O'Keefe, whom has a gossip blog. After, she meets other students, Harvey, Devon, Peyton, and Colby, who all become her friends. Wednesday is even more shocked, when, all four of them, (including Cherry) signed up for the drama and singing club.


Wednesday has brown hair, and always wears something smart for school. She had brown eyes and soft hands.