Webster High School is a high school located in San Francisco where Chyna and all other students attend in A.N.T. Farm.

Known Students

(In alphabetical order)

Known Staff

  • Gibson
  • Mr. Marceau
  • Mr. McMillan
  • Mr. Zimbaldi
  • Mrs. Nateman
  • Principal Skidmore
  • Lunch Lady

Known Clubs/Extra Curriculars

  • Photography Club
  • Chess Club
  • Club Sandwich Club
  • Drama Club
  • End Hunger Today Club
  • Physics Club
  • Renaissance Club
  • Space Club (poster is seen in background in TransplANTed)
  • Film Club
  • The Howler
  • Yearbook
  • Student Council
  • Glee Club
  • Chemistry Class
  • Debates Club
  • French Club

Mentioned Classes

  • Music (first seen in TransplANTed)
  • Drama (first seen in ReplicANT)
  • Science (first seen in SciANTs Fair)
  • American History/World History (first seen in ReplacemANT)
  • English (first seen in cANTonese Style Cuisine)
  • French (mentioned in InformANT)
  • Art (mentioned in InformANT)
  • Home Economics (first seen in ManagemANT)