The Web-Warriors is a team of spider-based super heroes.


Ultimate Spider-Man

When Spider-Goblin traveled the multiverse to steal the DNA of the various Spider-men. Spider-Man was forced to follow him to stop him. After failing to prevent Spider-Goblin from collecting the DNA, Spider-Man recruited Spider-Goblins victims to stop him.

It was briefly reformed during Contest of Champions, to evacuate other civilians, heroes and villains of Earth from the Grandmaster's imprisonment.

Spider-Man later reformed the team after Doctor Octopus teamed up with Hydra and captured the Tricarrier transforming it into Hydra Island. Miles later traveled to Peter's world to stop his world's Goblin, but the Siege Perilous was destroyed and now he's stranded. He rejoined the Web-Warriors, eventually taking the name Kid Arachnid to avoid the confusion of having two Spider-Mans.

Ever since the Siege Perilous was destroyed by Spider-Man on making the alternate Miles and Goblin stranded in the main universe, it shattered to across dimensions, leaving an universal phenomenal on causing every spider people, along with some of their relatives and their allies somehow moved to another universe for temporarily. It was then, Iron Fist sends Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid to K'un Lun to meet up Nick Fury, Doctor Strange and Madame Web. This mission becomes a great opportunity for Kid Arachnid to return to his home universe, but forgot that he must bring his world's Goblin back as well. The true mastermind is Wolf Spider, an evil spider-people from another universe who attempt to use Siege Perilous to take over all realities under his knees. It is up to Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid to gather the remaining good spider-people, old and new allies alike to stop Wolf Spider. However in the end, after Wolf Spider is defeated, Miles soon decide to stay in the mainstream universe along with with his mother Rio Morales, leaving his universe under protection of Spider-Gwen in his place, to keep the connection of the Web Warriors members in touch between the realities.

With Scarlet Spider revealed to have survive the crash and seeks to find his true origin, Scarlet is permitted to return to Web Warriors, but not without recruiting his fellow Spider-Slayers, who are in Arnim Zola, and formerly Doctor Octopus' control. In the same time upon Spider-Man and Mary Jane are found Scarlet Spider alive, Mary Jane becomes Spider-Woman due to being a perfect host for Carnage symbiote since the last of Symbiote Saga, with the help of Doctor Connors to completely control the symbiote, she soon joins the Web Warriors.